Many of things in PR/Advertising
My undergraduate time at The University of Tennessee covered a lot of advertising major courses, along with business-side classes that show us the more logistical side of advertising. Mind you all the projects here are a form of group work — and while I contributed my fair share in a group setting, I got to design and lay out all of the documents you see below.
Rebel Creamy Influencer Marketing Case Report Cover

In our advertising management class, we got the opportunity to work directly with Rebel Creamery to produce an influence marketing strategy for future marketing campaigns. We connected with CEO Austin Archibald who supplied us identity, audience reports, and business informatics to help us provide a hyper-targeted strategy.

Our group took the time after the semester ended to present our findings to Austin and his marketing director.

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UTK Situational Analysis Cover

During my undergraduate time at the University of Tennessee, myself and a team of six others created an analysis to understand REI Co-op's positioning, industry standards, competition, and other important components to generating a campaign.

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REI Final Report Cover

In addition to our situational analysis, we created a report on REI and its ventures as a company — forming recommendations on how to best capture their audience in a campaign. Some highlights from our analysis include:

  • Performing primary research with target members
  • Analyzing audience metrics and demographics
  • Synthesizing results to make recommendations such as elevating online offers, pushing hard on their member opportunities, and marketing more catalog offers.
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Orangetheory Fitness Media Plan presentation cover

In UTK's media class, we got an upgraded experience compared to previous years — an in-depth look at current metrics, regulations, and creating out own media plan. We looked at:

  • Competitive media placement and spending
  • Personas to reflect their primary demographic opportunities
  • Channel selection and media budget distribution
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Mental health issues in advertising presentation cover.

During our ethics class, we divided into groups to learn more about different stereotypes portrayed in advertising in media. Our group specifically focused on mental health in advertising and the stereotypes surrounding big-scale illnesses.

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